Alprostadil (Caverject) Reviews

Alprostadil is utilized to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) and to help analyze certain reasons for this issue. Alprostadil is additionally used to improve blood stream in infants with heart issues. This prescription guide tends to just the grown-up male utilization of alprostadil in erectile issues.

Alprostadil loosens up veins and muscles in the penis, which expands the blood stream, causing an erection.

Reviewer: 55-64 Male on Treatment for 2 to less than 5 years (Patient)

For a couple years, I had trouble getting an erection. I tried all the pills through my urologist. We talked about the injection, and I really had to come to grips with injecting myself. I finally decided to try it and the effects were amazing. My girlfriend almost left me because I was unable to be intimate with her. My ejaculations were also premature. The alprostadil injection made me very tired and gave me amazing stamina as well. Finally, I finally heard her moan my name again while we were making love again. I love this product. It saved my relationship. The cost is way cheaper than the pills, and it works way better. The vial I get has tons of dosages. I wish it wouldn’t expire so soon.

Reviewer: DeKay, 65-74 Male on Treatment for 2 to less than 5 years (Patient)

It has worked great for me, as long as it is used no more than once a week. There are times when you can mistakenly hit a vein when you inject it. leaving a bruise for a couple of days. My only complaint is the cost. It is extremely expensive. If they could find a way to produce it and sell it for a more affordable price, millions more would start using it. Another concern is that the potency lessens with time, which means that the dosage has to be increased to produce the same hard erections.

Reviewer: 65-74 Male on Treatment for 2 to less than 5 years (Patient)

Edex (alprostadil) for erectile dysfunction works amazingly for me. Having had prostate cancer, none of the pills worked with any success. I switched to this and have had amazing success. The only issue I ever had was a blood pressure medicine that conflicted with it and seemed to stop working. After consulting with a uroligist, he suggested that may be the issue. My GP changed my blood pressure medicine and it started working again. I use it roughly three times per week and never have issues. I am 53 years old, and my significant other is constantly remarking that men my age cannot perform like this on a consistent basis. Erections usually last 2–3 hours, and I am able to perform multiple times in that time period. Highly recommend.

Reviewer: TexasMrHAPPY, 55-64 Male on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient)

Used Muse to start with, then moved to Alprostadil 10mg. Now 5yrs later and a problem up with using urine control tablet which caused it to go down as fast as it went up? Stopped taking that tab and all was OK as I had increased dose when I had the problem. I was using 50mg but was getting problems like being very tired and wobbly. Urologist said don’t use over 40mg and stopped taking the problem tab. I did but I had to leave the dose at 30mg at least to last an hour or more? Before that incident I could get an erection for well over an hour and semi hard for at least another hour or more!! Had a bit of bruising and some blood but if you check well before you can miss a vein. Disposal is easy.

Reviewer: Happy Husband, 55-64 Male on Treatment for 2 to less than 5 years (Patient)

The first time I tried Muse (1000mcg), I took the foil pouch from refrigerator and placed it on the counter for 15 minutes. After unwrapping the applicator, and while standing, I lubricated the applicator with K-Y and held my penis upright. While pulling my foreskin back to expose my urethra, I inserted the applicator into the shaft. As the applicator was traveling thru the head, it felt warm and expanded. After inserting the rest of the way and then pressing the button, I could feel a sharp warming feeling, and I could feel the sensation of the suppository traveling downward toward the base. I did not roll my penis as instructed, but I located the absorbing suppository in my urethra and gently massaged until I could feel most of the absorption at the lower half of my shaft. My erection proceeded from there very slowly and gave me a warm/tingly sensation but no urethral burning. My penis erection was rigid to penetrate, but not as hard as one of my better erections.

Reviewer: njmk, 45-54 Male on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient)

I use Caverject on average 3 times a week as I have a younger partner. With an erection that lasts at least an hour it can satisfy her. I replaced the needles that come with the Impulse for finer shorter ones used on insulin pens 8mm x 31G. That length is quite adequate to get the medication where it has to go yet not long enough to stick into the urethra… You do have to make sure you massage your penis to disburse the medication or you may not get a result. I have no side effects and there is no pain during the injecting apart from a slight prick. To me it is the answer to my prayers.

Reviewer: boynblue1, 55-64 Male on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient)

The first few administrations of muse required some coaching from a health care professional who was knowledgeable and had access to resources. My foreskin is very long so I had to pull it completely back before inserting the applicator in the head. The muse started to work at the base of my penis (warming!) which was starting to expand before the rest of it. During the expansion at the base, the blood vessels started to pop out so massaging helped move the suppository to even out the erection. Also, both of my testes and scrotum got full and tight as the muse started to work. Finally, finally there is the urge to ejaculate or come before the muse takes complete effect-especially the first few times. It is important that this happens to lower the intensity of the previous dose.